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About SEO and how is it important

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it has turned out to be the most important key to develop a business over the internet. Without SEO it is not possible to make your site visible between millions of other similar sites. With SEO you make your website useful and reliable for the users. It creates a potential for the business by providing the intelligent features and tools to improve the reachability of a site. It helps in improving the ranking of the website over the search engines like Google, Binge and Yahoo. It enhances the quality of the site and filters out the content to showcase its best format. It makes the site more user friendly, faster to access, and easier to navigate.


We know how competitive the market has become and to stand high, SEO can be your company’s fifth gear. Search Engines are serving thousands of people every day by answering their questions and efficiently solving their problems. You can consider SEO as a complete process as it has a whole set of guidelines, number of stages, control sets and number of rules according to which you can keep your work going. It helps you meet the guidelines and the business objectives.

The Search Engine Optimization is very important because:

As most of the people click on the first few suggestions to look for what they wish to, and trust the top sites and not likely to the ones who doesn’t reach to the up-top. You can rather take advantage of this fact to beat the competition and try to improve the ranking of the site to top 5. To make this work, you must gain visitors to your site which can be achieved by developing your website as per the guidelines of SEO. The higher the traffic to your website, the higher would be the ranking. This would enhance the customers to your store and improve your publicity.


SEO does not just improve the ranking in the results of search engines but also improves the user experience and usability of the website. The users scrolling through the search engines, trust the top sites suggested as they satisfy the keyword conditions that they are looking for and hence the users find these suggestions compatible to their demands. SEO is also best suited for the social promotions as, those who would like to visit your site over the engines would not hesitate to promote it over Facebook and Instagram and hence is useful as a social media marketing too.

Everything you need to know about SEO

SEO is Search Engine optimization which works as a process having its own rules, tools, guidelines and working model. This helps to boost up the ranking of your website to make the website reachable to the users. It enhances the traffic on the website and improve the online business. It is one of the most important keys to grow the business online amongst the level of competition the market is stuck with. To stand high and tall in the business SEO is the ladder and one must know its importance. You must know, that you need SEO to grow your business and is for the benefits for the upliftment in the market. This not only overall searchability od the website but also makes it visible as a great deal to your potential users. It creates potential path for the businessman amongst the crowd of competitors. With the content the SEO guidelines approve, the website has an improvised quality which makes it faster, user friendly and it becomes easier to navigate.

Search engine

Search Engines have a capability to serve millions of people in the world at a time by answering their questions and solving their problems. When one places a query over a search engine, the results it shows is displayed as per a complex algorithm which acts as puppet to the SEO orders, which are known as search engine ranking factors. This factor helps the system to decide which website deserves what position on the page which is about to be displayed. SEO has different stages of working: On page SEO which takes care about the content optimization. It makes sure the content is unique and is written on the bases of the keyword graph. Keyword graph tells about the popularity of some keyword which people usually search when are looking for a particular product, query or a result. Off page SEO, which helps to take care about the website promotions. This might work in the form of an Ad or the sharing of content and website links over the social media which are the wizards of social media marketing. Technical SEO which takes care of the crawling and indexing. It makes sure that the setting of the website is accurate to make the configuration for the crawlers on the internet easier. The carelessness with the crawling and indexing might result into a negative impact on the publicity or optimization of the website.

Why you need SEO to boost your business.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a key feature which is required to boost up your website and all the brands require this tool to make their website reachable, faster and easy to access. SEO makes the website user friendly and it also improves the content quality as per the rules and regulations applied on it. According to the guidelines, the content must be unique and must drafted as per the keyword graph which ensures that the content you draft have all those keywords through which people make the related search in domain. Today, the popularity has reached to a point that every business freak moves the business online and optimize it as per the SEO.


With around billions of websites over the internet, SEO provides you with the most desired and suitable website as per your search and requirement. This is the way which enables the developers and business people to reach out the people and get the traffic on the site. The more the traffic, the better the ranking over the engine gets. This feature is one of the vital features and hence is considered as the most powerful technique for marketing.

The most important things to understand about the SEO are:

As we know, SEO enables the traffic and improves the visibility of the website amongst billions of competitors, considered as a very essential marketing tool. It is also a key process in the world of Digital Marketing which also includes the social media marketing. This leads to generate and produce conversions in the business amongst the whole market.


There are certain tools available within the process of SEO which allows the increase in the human traffic over a website. This enables the website to grow enough to compete in the market. Companies hire SEO executives as the specialists are in great demand as the work they deliver is at high rate of interest. The results shown by the search engines are completely dependent on the algorithm governed by this tool but as the algorithm is variable and so are the results practiced by SEO. All the features are becoming an aspect to control the marketing, and promotional techniques. This makes the websites presentable through blogs, branding and business content. The large flow of traffic over a website generates better and leading chances of conversions resulting in better sales and in the growth of business.

9 SEO Secrets Every Business Should Know

9 SEO Secrets Every Business Should Know

The site design improvement (SEO) world has experienced some huge changes over the most recent couple of years…

the greatest being coming as Google’s uplifted push towards solid client encounters. It’s difficult to envision that only 10 years prior, SEO was a control represented by blackhat advertisers whose sole goal was to expand rankings and drive traffic. Long story short—it wasn’t lovely, and Google didn’t care for it.

Today, the ‘mystery’ to SEO is no mystery by any means. It’s sound judgment. Brands that rank high on web indexes have incredible substance, address their intended interest group’s pursuit goal, and set aside the effort to improve their locales from an innovation point of view. Here are 9 SEO ‘insider facts’ that will lead your image to amazing.

1 – Stop overthinking it

The greatest test with SEO is that it’s equivocal region—yet you shouldn’t give the vulnerability a chance to outdo you. Comprehend that pretty much every advertiser is actually where you are currently. Everybody’s attempting to make sense of SEO‘s ‘concealed mysteries’ with little course. The best activity is to keep your brain off the complexities and rather, center around conveying the most ideal client experience.

Website design enhancement

2 – Keep content new

At the point when individuals direct research, they need state-of-the-art, exact data. That is the reason it’s critical to keep substance refreshed. Recency is turning into an inexorably significant positioning component in Google’s quest calculation and in light of current circumstances—your spectators would prefer not to dawdle perusing dated substance.

3 – Prioritize convenience

Innovation is a significant piece of the client experience condition. Notwithstanding furnishing spectators with accommodating and instructive substance, you’ll need to ensure that your site is simple and charming to peruse. Try to improve your site to be portable amicable and to guarantee that it has a speedy burden time.

Just as of late, Google reported that the greater part of its US searches are currently originating from cell phones. This detail, combined with the ongoing ‘Mobilegeddon’ calculation update give solid flag that considerably more noteworthy accentuation will be set on organizations versatile sites in the coming years.

You can utilize WebSite Auditor to distinguish potential specialized blemishes and to slither your webpage on a reliable premise.

4 – Build connections, not joins

“Third party referencing” is a term that SEO specialists use to portray the way toward structure validity. The thought is basic: individuals connect to your site when they see your image as a wellspring of power. Frequently, be that as it may, SEO masters take the articulation ‘third party referencing’ too actually. By requesting joins, they end up with the extraordinary inverse—literally nothing.

Connections are the way to positioning admirably in Google, yet what advertisers frequently overlook is that connections are based upon associations with individuals. The most ideal approach to ‘fabricate connections’ is to manufacture associations and offer an incentive to bloggers and different influencers in your specialty.

Take a stab at utilizing SEO SpyGlass to see who’s connecting to your site—and to distinguish potential examples.

5 – Prioritize the long-tail

Web search tool encounters are ending up progressively customized. That is the reason it’s significant for organizations to concentrate on long-tail and area based catchphrases—with the goal that crowds can discover your organization dependent on the precise worth and administration that you give.

Positioning profoundly for an obscure hunt term like ‘San Francisco Doctor’ may be a personality promoter, however it places you in direct challenge with every one of the specialists in San Francisco, paying little mind to their training territory. A top position for an increasingly explicit term, for example, ‘San Francisco orthopedic specialist’ will create much progressively qualified leads.

6 – Use the correct watchwords in the correct spots

Get explicit by adopting an organized strategy. It’s insufficient to concentrate on the correct catchphrase—you have to ensure that you’re conveying the ‘right’ data to Google in an organized manner.

So as to improve rankings for long-tail catchphrases, ensure that they’re available in your principle body duplicate and page titles. In the event that your site structure doesn’t take into account this, append a blog or news source to your website and make content around these themes, with the long-tail catchphrases in the titles and duplicate.

A decent spot to begin would be Rank Tracker, which can guarantee your substance is completely upgraded for explicit watchwords.

7 – Replace catchphrase inquire about with client explore

Utilizing Android telephone

Individuals go to web crawlers when they have questions. When they’ve landed at your site, they’re likely searching for quick answers.

Think about your image as a distributer and wellspring of excellent data. When you produce supportive, instructive substance like blog entries, how-to articles, and research, you’ll get before searchers and win their trust.

8 – Don’t overlook the little subtleties

Regularly, advertisers will concentrate on upgrading components that are immediate SEO positioning variables. In doing as such, nonetheless, they’ll ignore a significant detail—meta depictions.

Your meta depictions, for example, give sneak peaks of your site. It’s your image’s opportunity to stand separated from contenders on web crawler results pages and urge click-throughs to your site. A well-created meta portrayal, in a couple of short lines of content, will drive more traffic to your site.

9 – Be a go-to asset by making a lexicon

One of the most effective approaches to rank for a term is to make a ‘word reference’ page with goal and intensive definitions. Instead of ‘watchword stuffing,’ in any case, it’s significant that advertisers require some investment to make content that enables their intended interest groups to learn.

These pages frequently rank profoundly in web indexes all individually, as they are normally fairly catchphrase thick and are typically useful to individuals who scanned for those terms. They will in general position marks as legitimate wellsprings of data and create backlinks.

You can utilize this catchphrase research apparatus to distinguish potential word reference terms and low-balancing zones of chance.

Last musings

The times of self-serving, shifty, and nasty SEO are a distant memory. Also, that is something to be thankful for. The ‘mystery’ to progress with SEO is no mystery by any means. Simply center around serving your crowd’s needs and addressing their inquiries in an intensive and compassionate way. Concentrate on your clients, and find a way to ensure that web crawlers can locate your substance. Concentrate ‘out and about less voyaged’ with long-tail openings, and you’ll be set.

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Top 10 Tips to Select the Best IT Support Company

Top 10 Tips to Select the Best IT Support Company

Top 10 Tips to Select the Best IT Support Company

You’re equipping to pick the best redistributed IT organization for your business, amped up for the potential advantages! In any case, you aren’t 100% certain how to pick the best oversaw IT administrations supplier. Or on the other hand perhaps you’ve limited it down, however now you’re stuck in a dead tie.

Highlight Computer Solutions, Inc. has been helping organizations build up their best IT methodology for more than 30 years

A point that every now and again comes up is, “How might I analyze IT bolster organizations? What criteria would it be advisable for me to assess?”

Since we talk about it regularly, we’ve gathered a rundown to help thin down your quest for the correct IT support!

10 Tips to Help You Choose the Best IT Support Company for Your Business

  • Discover an IT Support Company Local to Your Headquarters

On location backing is a colossal advantage when working with a redistributed supplier. Picking a neighborhood IT organization implies you’ll get quicker administration if an on location bolster issue emerges.

Model: Your firewall fizzles and should be supplanted. On the off chance that your IT bolster organization isn’t geologically close you, they may host to locate a third-get-together merchant to help. That could take days relying upon their accessibility.

At the point when a supplier’s assets are adjacent, dispatching a designer to determine your issue(s) is faster.

In case you’re headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles zone, a Southern California-based IT bolster organization would be ideal. On the off chance that you have different branches, approach how backing for them is taken care of. Will they be secured under a similar help contract?

Get the Guide to IT Support Services for Southern California Businesses: Essential Information for Executives Who Want Better Business Results from IT.

  • Does the IT Support Company Have Experience With Your Industry?

Innovation shifts by industry. A supplier who knows the intricate details of your industry’s innovation is crucial.

Here are a couple of inquiries to pose: Do they administration different organizations in your industry? Have they been positioned or earned honors in your industry? Is it accurate to say that they are ensured in your industry’s advancements?

Do your workstations or servers keep running on an option that is other than Windows? Provided that this is true, do they have experience supporting your working frameworks? Think: Mac OS or Linux. Except if you’re hoping to switch framework, finding an IT organization that can bolster your frameworks is VERY significant.

While to most “tech” individuals are all inclusive, ability shifts. In the event that the organization you’re inclining towards can’t bolster your foundation, you won’t get the help you need.

  • Does This IT Support Company Have Experience Supporting Your Company’s Software?

What software(s) or application(s) are most basic to your business? Does the IT supplier have involvement with most or every one of them?

Two things to remember: 1) A business with custom applications shouldn’t expect a re-appropriated IT organization to realize how to utilize their product. In any case, they ought to have the option to triage and investigate any issues. 2) Software improvement/programming and IT are two distinct fields. You shouldn’t request that your designer run your IT, and your IT work force shouldn’t be relied upon to make or change your product.

  • How Fast Can You Expect Service When You Need It?

Each organization has various procedures for supporting their customers – reaction times shift extraordinarily. Request their Service Level Agreement (SLA) or reaction time measurements, which envelop things like:

  • How quick do they react to issues?
  • How rapidly are issues settled?
  • To what extent will it take on the off chance that you need nearby help?

The verification is in the numbers. Anybody can say they’re “quick,” however would they be able to demonstrate it? They ought to have the option to back up their announcements with certainties and ongoing numbers.

  • Will the IT Company Handle an Organization of Your Size?

Is the IT organization enormous enough to help every one of your needs? Ask what number of architects they have on staff, in various offices, and get some information about their help forms.

Model: Do help work area professionals twofold as sales reps?

Or on the other hand, if there are more telephone calls than assistance work area engineers accessible, how would they handle it?

  • Would they be able to Scale to Meet Your Needs?

Being ready to go means realizing that a few years you develop, while others are lean. Could your supplier work with your yearly needs, particularly if your industry is in motion?

  • Do You Meet Their Prerequisites?

What makes you a certified contender for their administrations?

Some IT organizations expect organizations to have a specific number of workstations as well as clients to offer help. Or then again, some require IT framework to change to their uniform gauges. Having measures is definitely not a terrible thing, yet you have to realize what you’re pursuing ahead of time.

Ensure that you are a solid match for one another. Your guidelines are similarly as significant as theirs.

  • Check for Certifications and Partnerships

Ensuring they’re a legitimate association is your duty. Average IT organization associations incorporate significant makers like Microsoft, Dell, and HP. Their staff ought to likewise hold accreditations of their own. Request a rundown of their present organizations and affirmations.

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10 secret Office 365 features you need to know

10 secret Office 365 features you need to know

10 secret Office 365 features you need to know

PowerPoint laser pointer

In case you’re ever going to start a PowerPoint introduction and acknowledge you left your trusty laser pointer at home, PowerPoint has an element that gives you a chance to transform your cursor into a sparkling red speck.

Here’s the manner by which to utilize a PowerPoint laser pointer in a current PowerPoint record:

  • Dispatch PowerPoint from your Start menu, work area, or taskbar.
  • Snap Open Other Presentation.
  • Dispatch PowerPoint. Snap Open Other Presentation.
  • Snap the PowerPoint document you’d like to open.

Snap the Slide Show catch close to the base of the window. It would appear that a projector.

  • Snap the PowerPoint record you might want to open. Snap the Slide Show catch.
  • Hold Ctrl on your console.
  • Snap and hold the left mouse catch.

Your mouse cursor will currently transform into a sparkling red dab, similarly as though you were holding and pointing a genuine laser pointer.

Make PDF documents in Word

Exchanging between programming to work with PDF documents eases back you and your PC down. Word can deal with making PDFs, so you can remain concentrated on the job that needs to be done.

Here’s the manner by which to make another Word archive and fare it as a PDF record:

  • Dispatch Word from your Start menu, work area, or taskbar.
  • Snap Blank record to open another report.
  • Dispatch Word. Snap Blank record.
  • Type any substance you’d like to be in the PDF document.
  • Snap File in the upper left corner.
  • Type any substance for the PDF. Snap File.
  • Snap Export.
  • Snap Create PDF/XPS.
  • Snap Export. Snap Create PDF/XPS.
  • Type a filename for the PDF report
  • Snap Publish.
  • Type a filename. Snap Publish.
  • Alter the content of a PDF record in Word

The substance of existing PDF records can be brought into Word to be altered, at that point spared as a DOC or other filetype.

  • Dispatch Word from your Start menu, work area, or taskbar.
  • Snap Open Other Documents.
  • Double tap the PDF document you’d like to open.
  • Snap Open Other Word Documents. Double tap the PDF document you’d like to open.
  • Snap OK.
  • Roll out any improvements to the PDF.
  • Snap OK. Roll out any improvements to the PDF.
  • Snap the Save catch in the upper left corner of the screen. It would appear that a floppy circle.
  • Snap the dropdown bolt alongside Save as sort.
  • Snap the Save catch. Snap the dropdown bolt alongside Save as sort.
  • Snap the filetype you’d like to spare the PDF as.
  • Snap Save.
  • Snap a filetype. Snap Save.

Make a secret word secured area inside an OneNote journal

In the event that you share your OneNote note pads with other individuals, you in some cases need to keep certain data private. Don’t worry about it! You can add secret phrase security to chose segments of OneNote scratch pad.

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12 Powerful Business Benefits of VoIP (Don’t Miss This)

12 Powerful Business Benefits of VoIP (Don't Miss This)

The advantages of VoIP over customary telephone frameworks are broad

For all intents and purposes each business stands to enormously profit by executing this advanced interchanges innovation. In that capacity, we’ve ordered probably the most significant focal points of VoIP into this unmistakable, brief, and simple to-devour list.

12 Powerful Business Benefits of VoIP (Don’t Miss This)

What Is VoIP? How Is It Different from Cloud PBX?

Before we begin, we should get clear on something significant. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is additionally alluded to as Hosted VoIP, Business VoIP, Cloud PBX, and an assortment of different terms with comparable implications.

For instance, at PanTerra we allude to our web based correspondences contributions as Cloud PBX, however we give almost similar highlights and usefulness (with similar advantages) as what others allude to as VoIP or Business VoIP.

To abstain from confounding the issue any further, we’ll be alluding to these contributions under the expression “VoIP” in this article. Since we have that cleared up, we should get to the great stuff!

12 Benefits of VoIP That Your Business Can’t Ignore

  • Lower Costs

Cost investment funds is one of the advantages of VoIP that for all intents and purposes any business can appreciate. You can just introduce such a large number of telephone lines and expenses rapidly include, particularly if your business consistently makes long-separation calls.

With correspondence information being adjusted into information parcels and sent over the IP organize, the issue of a solitary telephone line having the option to be used by just two guests is killed. The IP system could be an immediate IP association with your telephone specialist co-op or essentially your current web interface (or a mix of both).

Conventional telephone lines normally charge for every moment of call time, where with VoIP your solitary expenses are your month to month charges from your ISP. Truth be told, numerous suppliers offer economical or even free calling to, for instance, the adjacent United States.

Financially savvy Hardware and Software

One of the extra money saving advantages of VoIP is the constrained expenses related with equipment and programming required to work the framework. Quality suppliers guarantee their customers consistently have the most modern programming and give current equipment. This disposes of the requirement for organizations to buy their very own telephones and framework, which can bring about extra cost reserve funds.

  • Rearranged Conferencing

Without the requirement for devoted telephone lines, conferencing is streamlined impressively. Conventional telephone frameworks take into account conferencing, however you’ll wind up paying for an extra administration and facilitating various guests each time you have to meeting.

With a merged information organize, these highlights are regularly local and the expense is incorporated with the as of now lower cost of the VoIP administration that you’re as of now paying for.

Something other than Voice Calls

An extra advantage of VoIP is that it makes video conferencing far less difficult too. Truth be told, you can move different media positions (pictures, video, content) during your telephone or video calls to significantly improve your capacity to lead introductions or comprehend issues on the fly.

  • Overall Access

More businesses are finding the advantages of having their staff telecommute in return for littler office spaces, diminished utilities costs, and so forth.

What they’re likewise finding are the advantages of VoIP that enable their workers to work from home so successfully. VoIP enables representatives to remotely use the voice, fax, and information administrations of your office by means of your intranet.

VoIP innovation has turned out to be very compact, enabling clients to interface from home workplaces and abroad. What’s more is that your representative’s number tails them to their new home office when they roll out the improvement.

Versatility of Your Service

While working from home is a certain something, one of the lesser referenced advantages of VoIP is that the whole administration is exceptionally versatile. While conventional telephone frameworks require a one of a kind number to be allocated to each line and moving those numbers can be convoluted, VoIP is unique. If you exceed your present office or need to change areas in any way, shape or form, your VoIP framework can be effectively moved.

  • Better Use of Bandwidth

On of the little known advantages of VoIP is that it makes for a progressively productive utilization of your current data transmission. As generally 50% of voice discussions are comprised of quiet, VoIP keeps on filling those data holes with other information from other transfer speed buyers to utilize your assets. What’s more is that VoIP considers pressure and end of discourse redundancies to further improve efficiencies.

  • Broad Additional Features

Numerous organizations don’t completely see the majority of the advantages and extra highlights that are incorporated into a VoIP administration. VoIP frameworks enable you to interface a wide assortment of gadgets to keep your business’ profitability high.

VoIP benefits regularly incorporate highlights like guest ID, virtual numbers, contact records, voice message and so forth., yet these highlights would all be able to be utilized in progressively refined approaches to help operational productivity. For instance, phone messages and messages can be sent to different partners with a solitary snap, and voice message to-content translations can be sent legitimately to your inbox so they can be inspected while in a hurry.

Numerous highlights are incorporated into different supplier bundles and, because of the adaptable idea of the administration, custom VoIP administrations can be structured dependent on the one of a kind needs of your business.

  • System Flexibility

One of the advantages of VoIP that your IT group will appreciate is that its fundamental system need not be a piece of a particular innovation design. That implies your current ethernet, SONET, ATM, or even your WiFi can be utilized as the establishment for your system.

The multifaceted nature of PSTN (customary) telephone systems is for all intents and purposes dispensed with. This considers a progressively institutionalized framework to be executed that supports an assortment of correspondence types while being increasingly tolerant of flaws and requiring less administration of hardware.

  • Fax over IP

One of the extra advantages of VoIP is that most suppliers incorporate Fax over IP as a piece of their administration. Fax over IP everything except disposes of the surprising expenses of long-separation copy, just as improves similarity among machines and dependability of administration.

Indeed, fax data is transmitted by means of information parcels that drastically improve proficiency.

Truth be told, VoIP doesn’t require a fax machine to send or get a fax.

  • Increasingly Effective Communication

With your faculty working from different focuses inside the workplace, their home, or around the globe, keeping them inside reach is basic. One of the all the more intriguing advantages of VoIP is that you can have a solitary call ring to your work area telephone for the initial couple of rings, at that point to your cell phone, tablet, or workstation if the call goes unanswered. Along these lines earnest calls are addressed all the more regularly and less time is spent looking at voice message or relating different stages.

  • Profoundly Reliable

One of the most well-known (and off base) issues with VoIP is that if a business winds up without web out of the blue, they’d be without telephone too. One of the advantages of VoIP adaptability is that in case of an office telephone going down because of absence of system, calls can generally be sent to cell phones and different gadgets. That additionally means climate issues and power blackouts never again present the hazard they once did.

  • Simplicity of Installation, Configuration, Maintenance

One of our preferred advantages of VoIP is that IP telephones are extraordinarily simple to introduce—notwithstanding for the individuals who are less in fact sharp. There is no need master professionals running telephone wiring all through your office.

Rather, IP telephones are practically attachment and-play.

Facilitated VoIP programming likewise makes it unimaginably easy to include new clients, and an online interface makes moving, including, or changing your frameworks arrangement a lot simpler. The majority of this straightforwardness implies upkeep is clear and once in a while needs proficient help.

  • Adaptability

Profoundly effective business frameworks scale with the requirements of the business, however customary telephones frameworks are unquestionably increasingly hard proportional. Versatility is one of the advantages of VoIP that supports your proficiency and profitability while remaining profoundly financially savvy simultaneously.

VoIP frameworks enable you to include a line as you enlist another representative and wipe out lines on account of scaling down.

You’re just regularly paying for what you need.

  • Simple Integration with Other Business Systems

Your business likely uses different frameworks and advancements to upgrade your operational efficiencies. VoIP effectively coordinates with a wide assortment of existing business frameworks.

That implies you’ll understand the majority of the advantages of VoIP without requiring adjustment of your current applications or IT foundation. For instance, outbound calls can be set through Outlook or other email frameworks and client records can even be seen during the inbound call with said client.

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The 2019 Google SEO Secrets For Ranking Quickly And Increasing Traffic

The 2019 Google SEO Secrets For Ranking Quickly And Increasing Traffic

Google SEO Secrets For Ranking Quickly And Increasing Traffic

I often get asked if there are SEO secrets to doing good or great SEO and ranking quickly. Many people still view SEO as voodoo or magic (even in 2019), but in reality, most SEO strategies boil down to 4 basic ranking elements for increasing Google traffic;

  • User experience
  • Crawl ability
  • Being contextually relevant with valuable content
  • Having enough authority (proof of contextual value) to prove that your website should rank above others in the search results.
  • Let’s quickly explore these “secrets of SEO” that will help your website earn rankings quickly.

Google SEO Secret 1: User Experience

Our approach to Google SEO and increasing traffic starts with the website experience. This includes the website’s usability, design, and brand consistency.

When determining if a website meets the value that users and Google expects, we use a set of questions that span across the following categories.

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Marketing Integration
  • Content Value
  • Brand and Image Consistency
  • Cross-Device Compatibility

You can see the full list along with the question in our website quality evaluation checklist.

Google SEO Secret 2: Crawlability
Website crawl-ability and making a website searchable goes beyond making sure Google can “crawl” the website. Understanding how a website’s users (including Google) are navigating a website is key to building an information architecture.

For the most effective crawling, it’s imperative that the information architecture is constructed in a way that mirrors their thought processes. This will help both user types discover information on a website.

Google SEO Secret 3: Contextual Relevancy and Value

Ensuring a website is contextually relevant for both user and search engines is one of the Google SEO secrets to ranking quickly and increasing Google traffic. Being contextually relevant is rooted in 4 primary data points.

  • Does The Website Have A Piece of Content That Satisfies The Searcher’s Intent?

There are many theories, some backed by data, that show Google uses user metrics such as bounce rate, click through rate, time on site, etc. when determining the relevancy of a piece of content to the searcher’s query.

If your website is trying to rank quickly for a specific topic, and yet there is not a piece of high-value content that addresses that topic, the probability of showing up in the Google search results is small.

To find these gaps in content and rankings there is a strategy called a Gap Analysis that is used by SEO strategists. This strategy takes an inventory of current content and keyword targets and then compares them to the keywords and topics the website is trying to rank for – which gives you the gap between expectations and reality.

  • Is That Piece Of Content Optimized For Both Users and Search Engine?
    There are many on-page elements that go into optimizing a piece of content for the search engines – such as title tags, keyword placement, using multiple content types, topic modeling, etc. (you can read more here about basics of onsite SEO).

When optimizing for your website visitors there are a couple additional areas focused on

  • Is The Content Easily Scanable?
    What this means is if the user scans your content (which the majority of readers will do), is the answer they are searching for easily findable within the page they landed on. In other words, does the piece of content use header tags (H1, H2, H3) to define sections based on sub-topics?
  • Does The Content Provide Value?
    Ensuring that your piece of content explores the topic fully across many relevant sub-topics, and doesn’t only provide a thin/generic answer, will help with seo rankings and value.

Google SEO Secret 4: Be Authoritative

If your website has a great user experience, is designed well, can be crawled, and contains contextually relevant content, then the last part is building authority.

Authority is built by earning links, or what some refer to as votes, for your website and is one of the quickest ways to rank quickly in Google. This is accomplished by creating great content that provides so much value that other high-authority websites reference it.

The ability for a piece of content to earn natural links that positively contribute to a website’s link graph is directly proportional to that contents value. In other words, the more valuable the piece of content is, the easier it will be to earn high-value links and increase Google traffic. Conversely, the less valuable a piece of content is, the harder it will be to earn links.

So Are There Secrets To Ranking In Google?

That’s for you to decide. But, what I choose to believe is there’s not a one-size-fits-all, or quick-and-easy way to rank fast in Google. SEO secrets boil down to creating great content that will naturally earn authority and that is optimized for both users and search engines, and wrapping that content in an experience and quality website design that fosters engagement.

So if you invest the time in the above “secrets” then you’re giving your website the best chance and potential to skyrocket to the top positions in the Google search results.

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