The search engines of Google are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their number of page rankings. One way they do this is by tweaking their algorithms. Recently, Google has changed the algorithm on their main page. The link anchor text has been changed from “click here” to “learn more”.

Is it just a temporary change? It’s not. By altering the link anchor text, they are trying to force the webmasters to link to their home page instead of pages that are in the same business niche. This may work, but remember: the change will affect any site using this text.

It’s also known as one of Google’s gravity changes. And why are they making it so difficult to write and submit websites? They want to ensure that only quality sites are getting to the top.

Of course, I can understand the reason behind changing the algorithm. It’s a legitimate concern, since some websites may have higher page rankings than others, and since some marketers may be spending too much time trying to optimize those rankings.

In New York City, some of the businesses are getting the majority of the traffic. Now the business owners are asking questions. Why is the rule change affecting them?

It seems strange that Google would change their algorithm to a new rule, only to tell the webmasters that they need to change how they optimize their pages to continue getting high rankings. Now we are going back to square one. Does it make sense?

Some webmasters are saying that they’re spending way too much time trying to optimize their rankings. They think that they should do it by doing keyword research, or using the right keywords, or perhaps using the keywords in their titles. Well, if you are spending all of your time on optimizing your rankings, you need to take action now.

The question is, what happens if Google changes the rules and increases your page rank to “page rank”? You will have to use a new anchor text that still directs the readers to your website. The only way to guarantee that you get this second rank is to first focus on writing high quality content and submitting your articles to as many directories as possible.

If you’re not sure what directories are, you can try sites like EzineArticles, ArticleWorth, or OGR (out of Home) and see if they can lead you to secondary income sources. After all, if you’re using the right keywords, this could be a gold mine. The SEO community is already predicting the results of Google’s changes to the algorithm.

So is there a silver lining for the webmasters who spend all of their time trying to optimize their page rank? Well, if you want to learn the Google rules, there are free guides you can find online. These guides explain everything you need to know about the changes to the Google algorithm and how to best manipulate your page rankings.

For those webmasters who haven’t yet understood the rules or tried to manipulate their rankings, this could be the answer to their potential search engine troubles. They just need to figure out what has to be done.

Then they can start using article marketing. It’s proven to work well in the past and it will continue to help you get higher page ranks and higher revenue. It doesn’t hurt to try article marketing in order to boost your ranking.